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Central African Republic
Scenes from Chapter 18: "Plus One"

Refugee camp at the airport in Bangui. Planes are used for shelters.

Contagious smiles from the children at the refugee camp.

U.N. troops

Local village industry of making new bricks for rebuilding.

Rebuilding in process.

Another refugee camp.

From inside a pastor's demolished home.

Remains of a burned-out church.

Despite hardships and destruction, beauty abounds. The colors of the fabrics, the smiles on their faces...

Our cook negotiates the price of vegetables out the back door of our vehicle, while a man outside my window threatens me.

The second time our transportation failed us. This time we had to wait for rescue.

Giant Centipede (6 inches in length)


Avocados for sale. In the background is a traffic barricade/check point.

Hippo soup. No, it didn't "taste like chicken." It was much better!

The road...

Trademark backpack/hat picture.

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