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God Prepared A Fish

Publisher’s Foreword


Darvis McCoy paints his own life story in these pages with the passion of a true adrenaline junkie. He felt a supernatural burden to get his memoir in print—not simply because it is an incredible true story, but because it bears witness to the modern-day miracle-working power of God. As I worked with him in the preparation of this volume, he would often get chills up his spine as he relived frightening moments at the airport x-ray scanners in hostile anti-Christian countries. He would recoil as he spoke of gunfire in the streets near his hotel. He would re-experience the poverty of “accommodations” without electricity, water, or even a toilet. When we would mention the names of the characters you will read about in this book, he would be overcome with love and compassion for the precious believers who face horrible persecution. He truly has spilled his heart on these pages. Darvis loves God. And Darvis deeply loves God’s children in persecuted countries.

Yet as Darvis tells his story—

What are readers saying?

...this book will make an old combat vet look in the mirror. Splash water on his face. And ask the question, what can I do for Jesus? Thank you! -- Daniel Vesely

I felt like I was traveling along side of Darvis throughout his many adventures as his life was transformed radically. I love his transparency, sharing the doubts, fears and difficulties he faced. -- Steve Barkley

I felt like I was with him on his perilous journey. It is amazing he survived his younger days to write this book...I highly recommend this book. Buy extra, you’ll want to gift it to others-- Cheryl L. Tomlinson

The stories are captivating, the writing is articulate and engaging and the spirit of the book inspirational..Any book that can leave me freely chewing on the "what's next" for me gets 10 thumbs up. -- Peggy Curran

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