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God Prepared A Fish 
Photo Journal

I wasn’t like the other kids.  Some may attribute that to my being an only child, but looking back I realize now that it was more than that.  It took decades for me to understand that God was creating the spiritual DNA of a wandering adrenaline junkie. 

Early Years

Scenes from Chapter 2: "Genesis of an Adrenaline Junkie"

We had been climbing in Yosemite Valley for two weeks, camping on the valley floor at night.  Jason and I began each day by looking above as the melting snow turned into a flowing stream that cascaded over the face of the climb known as Royal Arches.  I badly wanted to do that climb because it went up to 1,100 feet, more than twice the height I had ever climbed before.  

Rock Climbing

Scenes from Chapter 5: "Royal Arches Epic" and more

Everywhere we went, we saw people carrying guns. Some wore sidearms, some carried M-16 assault rifles, and there was the occasional Uzi. It was a sober reminder that the Israelis face powerful enemies on all sides and they never know when they'll have to fight for their lives against a terrorist attack.

Israel & Egypt

Scenes from Chapter 8: "The Preparation Continues"

My adventure began before I even left home.  I made an appointment with a doctor who specialized in travel medicine.  Never having needed this kind of doctor before, I made the appointment for two weeks before I left.  I filled out all the forms explaining where I was headed and the date of my departure.  He went over the paperwork, then set it aside and began telling me where the dangers lay for me.


Scenes from Chapter 9: "First Taste of Missions"

In April of 2007, I spent two weeks in China.  During my time there, I made five border crossings with Bibles.  On my last crossing, we started the day out with the usual briefing at the secret company office. 


Scenes from Chapter 11: "Things Get Serious"

Now I knew why God had ordained this trip for me.  I had almost backed out of it because I didn’t see how He could use me outside of smuggling Bibles.  Now I understood.  I had thought it took talent to be able to give encouragement, but now I realized all I had to do was show up and reach out to these people.  All they needed me to do was to care.


Scenes from Chapter 12: "A Shift in Focus"

In 2012, there was an outburst of violence against Christians in Ethiopia.  Fifty-eight churches were burned, as well as twenty-nine Christian homes.  Within six weeks of the end of hostilities, a team from the company I volunteered with was there in person, comforting the believers who were traumatized.  In this kind of situation, it’s crucial to follow up later with other teams, as well.  I was on a team of nine people sent the next year to be part of that follow up.


Scenes from Chapter 14: "Dembidollo University"

I was given the assignment to “deliver” Bibles to a radical Muslim country where the level of violence was off the charts, against Christians, yes, but also between Muslims. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement before I left, requiring me to never tell where I had been on this trip, ever...

Un-named Country

Scenes from Chapter 15: "Lion's Den"

Central African Republic is, as you might expect, right in the middle of Africa.  In 2014, 1,088 Christians were killed there in a flurry of attacks by Muslims.  Almost a million survivors, both Muslims and Christians, fled the fighting and ended up in refugee camps across the country.  In March, 2015, I was part of a small team sent to reach out to the believers. 

Central African Republic

Scenes from Chapter 16: "Plus One"

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