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Scenes from Chapter 13: "Things Get Serious"

Along the South China Sea and many rivers it is common for an entire family to live on a boat like this.

Juxtaposition of two worlds.

Playing a board game in an alley.

She was happy for me to take a picture of her and her dogs.

Blind street musician.

Buddhist monk.

Random street scene.

"Still life" art in a Beijing alley.

Random street scene.

Emperor's Summer Palace, Beijing.

Emperor's Summer Palace, Beijing.

Ancient Monastery in Central China. Doors are round so that demons will trip on them as they go through.

On the Silk Road, in the frozen northwest China.

Did I mention it was cold?!

Muslim marketplace in northwest China.

Yumm, grilled scorpion... tastes just like chicken... NOT. But does taste more like an oily potato chip.

Ubiquitous street cleaning woman as told about in the book.

Buffet breakfast during adventure travel. Mmmm, mmmm, good... just like mom used to make.

Sign in the subway.

What I refer to as "The American Embassy."

A view of the Great Wall from within a guard tower on the Great Wall.

Trademark backpack/hat picture.

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